uControl your smart home tech with one remote.

Navigate endless entertainment and scene-setting options, with a unifying remote for all media, music and mood control.

OLED display

Just the info you need.

Unifying control

Control all the devices connected to your HDA system (and more).

Instantly understandable

Intuitively placed buttons, ergonomically designed to encourage muscle memory.

uControl Remote 360 degree viewer uControl Remote 360 degree viewer
uControl it

Room on | Room off

One button to turn everything on and everything off.

Customisable controls

Execute saved user Sequences or quick actions.

Wireless charging

Instantly on when picked up from its charging mat. Use any wireless charger to suit your taste.

Three ways you can use the uControl Remote


Centralised AV control

Retrofit into existing MHUB projects from 2016*.

Available control

  • Source (IR)
  • AVR (IR)
  • Display (IR)
  • Sequences
With uControl Zone Processor


Perfect for living rooms, cinemas or media rooms.

Available control

  • Source (IR/IP)
  • AVR (IR/IP)
  • Display (IR/IP)
  • Super Sequences (Lighting, relays, PDUs)
With a stacked system

Whole-home AV

Video distribution and amplified audio.

Available control

  • Source (IR/IP)
  • AVR (IR/IP)
  • Display (IR/IP)
  • Speakers
  • Super Sequences (Lighting, relays, PDUs)
No control system.

In most cases, no additional hardware is needed to integrate the uControl Remote into your AV project.

Long battery life.

Designed to last one week without charging, which can be done via USB or wirelessly.


Known for rock-solid stability, IR still remains one of the most reliable ways to control AV.

Hands-free setup.

The uControl app will walk you through the setup and can have your remote configured in minutes.

uControl™ Remote

uControl Remote dimension diagram


  • Buttons44
  • Dimensions50.5 x 207 x 12 mm | 1.98 x 8.14 x 0.47 inches
  • Weight124g | 4.37 ounces
  • Battery2450mAh
  • ChargingUSB-C | Wireless


  • IRLearn / Transmit
  • IR Frequency36KHz/38KHz/56KHz (Learn & Transmit)
  • IR Range13m | 42ft
  • AerialsWiFi (2.4Gz) | BLE (5.1)
  • SensorsAccelerometer | Microphone
uControl app, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Rako Keypanel and uControl Remote uControl app, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Rako Keypanel and uControl Remote

In your pocket, on your wrist, on your wall & now in your hand.

uControl is now available wherever you are.

Learn more at HDANYWHERE.com

Watch the Podcast.

Catch up with the team behind the uControl Remote and learn how the project started and what makes our remote special.

Watch on YouTube

uControl Remote side view uControl Remote side view


Can I use the remote without MHUB?

Yes, you can use the uControl Remote in standalone mode and it's perfect for single room applications like cinemas, media rooms or an everyday living room. You will need a uControl Zone Processor for this.

How much will it cost?

The uControl Remote will cost £350 (including VAT) MSRP. Reserve your remote by registering your interest below or contact your HDA Pro Installer for more information.

What is the warranty?

An industry standard 2-year warranty will apply.

I already have MHUB from several years ago, can I add the remote to it?

Some systems will be able to support the remote by adding a Zone Processor to it. Please contact the team at HDANYWHERE to check if your system will be supported.

How do you charge it?

The remote can be charged via a USB-C cable or wirelessly. There is no dock or charging cradle for the uControl Remote. We've done this intentionally so that the owner is free to choose a charging station that best suits the decor of the room.

Where do you buy one?

The uControl Remote will only be available through official HDANYWHERE distributors and retailers. Contact or find your HDA Pro if you would like to add the remote to your system.

How many remotes can I have in one room?

You can have as many remotes in your room as you like.

Where can I find training?

In-person training courses are available at our newly refurbished Malvern HQ, UK. The course lasts for 2 days and costs £100 per person and includes your accommodation. Click here to book your training place today.

What devices will it control?

You can browse the uControl Pack Library to see if your device is already in our database. If it isn't then you can learn your IR codes into the remote and upload that to our Cloud so it's available on all uControl devices like the app, Alexa, or keypads.

Does it require a specialist to install?

For best results we recommend using a HDA Pro Installer.

Register interest.

All MHUB's and Zone Processors sold after December 22nd are "Remote Ready". The uControl Remote isn't available for sale yet but if you enter details below you will be contacted when they are ready to ship.