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Manage the media, music and mood throughout a space from your Apple device.

With an improved look and layout, the new uControl iOS app for iPhone and iPad is convenient and simple to use.
Now with ‘wall mode’ for wall-mounted iPads

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uControl 2 available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and new Wall Modes uControl 2 available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and new Wall Modes

The new uControl.

A fresh look.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up for super fast performance.

Easier to use.

A beautiful, simple interface to control all media, music and mood.

Wall Mode.

Mount uControl to your wall and run a simplified interface.

Wall Mode

uControl’s core value is a human friendly, simple interface that doesn’t scare people which is obvious and intuitive to use. It has been designed to provide control over what you need, leaving out anything confusing or gimmicky. Designed to cover the essential rather than novel.

uControl is a patented unifying control and automation platform for audiovisual (AV) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The system is comprised of networked control signal processor(s), setup software and human interfaces in the form of a touch screen uControl iOS app and handheld uControl remote. The purpose of uControl is to make managing a mix of tech devices in a space super simple and easy to use.

uControl in wall mode

Unintimidating, uncomplicated & under control.


uControl is focused on controlling all media, music and mood controls and presents you with an interface to control those things easily.


Control 1000s of devices from the same app and optimise that control to suit how you need to use it.


We've designed uControl to be super easy to use.